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Government Security for Enterprises

Apriva has the deep expertise and purpose-built security technology to protect sensitive and classified information transmitted over commercial mobile networks. Apriva is a trusted integrator on the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) list and are the industry leaders in delivering secure mobile solutions for government organizations. Work with Apriva’s security experts to secure your commercial information.

Cornerstone of Secure Mobile Communications

As the foundation of Apriva’s Mobile Environment Security Architecture (MESA) product suite, the MESA VPN is compatible with any VPN client that adheres to the RFC standards supporting IPSec and IKEv2. This NIAP-certified solution provides government organizations and commercial enterprises with a proven, highly secure connection over any transmission medium—from cellular to Wi-Fi to MPLS.


Mobile Security Services

Apriva has unparalleled experience and success in the design, development, deployment, operation and sustainment of secure mobile solutions. We are one of the few CSfC Trusted Integrators having deployed large-scale mobile security solutions. Apriva brings decades of expertise to wireless design and integration projects for government and enterprise customers.

Experience You Can Trust

Join thousands of government and commercial professionals who have entrusted Apriva to keep their wireless communications safe over the years. When you partner with Apriva, you gain access to a dynamic suite of mobile security products and services—securing your information and putting you in control.

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