Parlevel Systems Omnichannel Payments for Merchants


Introduction to Parlevel Systems

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Parlevel Systems transforms food and beverage organizations through remarkable processes, outstanding products, and legendary customer service. Founded by successful vending and technology professionals, Parlevel provides a robust set of management and sales tools for businesses of all sizes around the world. Parlevel utilizes a dedicated customer support team to ensure client implementation and systems adoption.

Vending Industry Inside Look

Payments for MerchantsVendors must effectively manage multiple products, machines, and locations to successfully cut costs, increase revenue, and drive their business. Vending machine operators need control of and accountability for individual vending machines as well as their larger vending ecosystem—first by gaining insight and awareness of individual machines’ status, and then by implementing strategies to most effectively deploy their workforce to service and support each machine. Their ability to monitor machine data, inventory, high-volume sales times, product spoilage, labor force, and servicing requirements enables vendors to optimize their business operations. Consolidating information and communication across management, route drivers, warehouse personnel, and customers can help maximize revenues and profit margins.

Parlevel Business Challenge

Launched in 2013, Parlevel Systems developed a powerful, easy-to-use VMS—providing vending operators unique management features required for vending businesses in one easy to navigate system. The user-focused interface and broad business intelligence built into the Parlevel Systems VMS has proven to help vending operators boost sales, streamline their inventory, and increase service efficiencies. Vending, micro market, office coffee service, and other service providers in over 15 countries use Parlevel Systems to manage tens of thousands of locations every day.

Looking to further increase the value derived from their VMS, Parlevel Systems wanted a technology partner to help manage their wireless network relationships, help merchants lower their interchange rates and processing costs for small-ticket sales, and provide merchants with a wider set of processing options.

Being aware of Parlevel’s superior analytics and system interface, and already having a footprint in providing cashless payments to self-service businesses and vending operators, the decision to partner and leverage shared successes for vending operators was clear.

“Every vending operator runs their operation in a different way. Everyone has their own personal preferences, and vending technology is no exception. Apriva helps us serve a wide range of customers with extremely successful customer satisfaction”
~Christopher Blomquist, Marketing Content Manager

Choosing Apriv

Parlevel was actively looking for a payment technology partner who could deliver several key requirements. First, Parlevel Systems needed a cashless payment gateway solution to programmatically integrate with their VMS. Uniting their robust VMS with a holistic cashless payment solution for vending operators would enable them to deliver a complete vending technology suite. Choosing a card-present payment gateway with expertise in self-service and unattended payments was also key; Apriva’s historic success in card-present processing for vending made them a perfect fit. Further, Apriva provided the integration services—payment API technology, integration experience, and technical support for complex integrations necessary to ensure a successful, secure integration between the VMS and payment platform.

Above and beyond payments, gaining a partner to aid in wireless management was critical for Parlevel Systems’ built-in telemeter to operate correctly. The telemeters provide vending operators with key machine analytics remotely, and are dependent upon reliable, secure wireless connectivity. Apriva’s extensive wireless relationships provided Parlevel with the management and support their hardware required for telemetry, including nternational capabilities for opportunities outside the United States.

“When we met Apriva it quickly became evident that they have the experience, technology, infrastructure, and team to be the one communication and payments gateway partner that Parlevel needed to succeed.”
~Gabriel Senior, Chief Operations Officer

Finally, to build a best-in-market solution, Parlevel Systems needed a payment platform partner to lower processing costs while expanding processing options. Specifically, many of Parlevel’s vending operators need to maximize margins on small-ticket sales, and need lower interchange rates and processing costs.

Solution – Parlevel Systems & Apriva

Parlevel Systems completed a strategic integration with Apriva’s adaptive payment platform in early 2016, pairing their VMS with Apriva’s payment platform. As a result, Parlevel’s vending operators can leverage Parlevel’s holistic vending solution set to raise revenues, streamline inventory and operating procedures, increase service efficiencies, plus lower operating costs while adding cashless sales for greater profitability.

“With Apriva’s collaboration we fast tracked Parlevel into being a player in unattended retail cashless and strengthened our telemetry connectivity offering. Our customers can count on very reliable connectivity to capture the benefits of our telemetry fed Vending Management System.”
~Alan Munson, Chief Commercial Officer


Parlevel and Apriva collaborate to securely process cashless payments through Parlevel vending hardware, manage the key wireless relationships necessary for remote device telemetry, ensure vending operators have the lowest possible processing costs, and enable vending operators to have the widest possible set of processing options. This unique partnership not only presents the best-in-breed VMS solution to micro markets and large vending ecosystems, but provides vending operators the opportunity to maximize their customer experiences, sales revenues, and operating margins. Using real-time data, product optimization, smart routing, and mobile management, paired with secure payments and greatest flexibility, vending operators gain total access and control of their operations and are positioned to thrive and growth in an ever-changing market.

Moving Forward

Parlevel Systems and Apriva are continuously expanding secure management and payment options for vending operators. For micro markets looking to make a big opening and stay profitable, and for large vending ecosystems looking to improve operational efficiency and gross margins, the united Parlevel VMS and Apriva self-service payment platform may be the ideal solution.

“We have found success providing cashless solutions to various unattended retail segments like water dispensing machines, custom- flavored soda machines, photo booths, and other unattended machines.”
~Alan Munson, Chief Commercial Officer

Moving into the future, Parlevel System’s unique application can also be deployed in a way similar to a software developer kit (SDK)—enabling potential customers in new markets to readily integrate with Parlevel’s VMS and self-service payment platform. Parlevel continues to expand into International markets, bringing a holistic, value-adding platform based on software, IoT hardware, payments, and self-checkout points of sale that have significant impact on vending and retail operations.

“Apriva has been, is today, and will continue be a strong partner for Parlevel. Together, we look forward to rewriting how food and beverage businesses are run.”
~Gabriel Senior, Chief Operations Officer


About Apriva

Founded in 2003, Apriva is a technology company comprised of two operating groups, Apriva Payments and Apriva Mobile Security, offering fully-managed, end-to-end security solutions for commerce and communications