OTI Trio – Apriva's Kiosk and Vending POS Solution

The OTI Trio kiosk and vending POS solution is a cashless modular payment device specifically designed for installation in kiosks and vending machines. Partnered with Apriva's secure gateway, remote management, full reporting and analytics, integrated into one package for operators.

OTI Trio Kiosk and Vending POS Pay with Phone

EMV Certified Kiosk and Vending POS

OTI and Apriva have partnered to deliver an easy to use, economical, off-the-shelf kiosk solution: the OTI Trio. Apriva’s solution unites payments, remote management, full reporting, and analytics in one integrated package for kiosk operators.

Cashless Payments & Telemetry

Industry-Leading Hardware

OTI TRIO kiosk and vending POS credit card reader is a modular payment device that can support up to three cashless payment interfaces in one small stylish enclosure. The reader is specifically designed for installation in vending machines to allow cashless payment with magnetic payment cards, as well as mobile: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV chip and contactless payment cards.

EMV Certified

One Stop Shop for EMV Certified Kiosk and Vending POS

The OTI Trio is EMV-certified to Elavon through the processing platform ViaConex. Contact us today for details!

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