Family Entertainment Center Loyalty App

Personalizing Experiences for Greater Customer Satisfaction & Revenues

Loyalty & Redemption Management Solution

Family entertainment centers gain a one-stop shop with the integration of Apriva’s loyalty platform and Embed’s redemption management software, including:

Embed Cashless System

Build Great Customer Relationships

By uniting these technologies, family entertainment centers can build richer customer relationships—improving customer loyalty and retention with personalized rewards and offers, while also gaining important insights on customer behaviors and preferences.

The Apriva loyalty platform starts with a private-label mobile app, then incorporates redemption and POS features from Embed’s award-winning solutions.


Success Stories

Learn more about how Apriva partnered with Margaritaville Resort Biloxi to launch the Escape Power-Up mobile app.

View the app’s promotional video

Increase loyalty, pre-paid commerce, promotions, communications, and customer choice with this innovative technology pairing.

How can I improve customer loyalty for my family entertainment center?