Family Entertainment Center Loyalty App

Inform and engage customers, drive increased customer visits, greater brand loyalty, and higher revenues

FEC Loyalty App Embed Integration

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send targeted user groups customized push notifications—messages, promotions, offers, specials, etc.

Secure Payment Acceptance

Process transactions via in-app offer redemption or to add funds to a current loyalty card

Loyalty Program Integration

Integrate to the leading loyalty payment systems such as CORE Cashless, EmbedCard and Intercard, including loyalty status levels and point balances

Social Networks

Leverage social media platforms so guests can share deals and messages easily on their social networks

Location Services

Create one-click contact and directions to any of your locations

Tailored Deals & Coupons

Send personalized offers to different audience segments based upon your parameters

iOS & Android Support

Available in Apple App Store and Google Play to connect with your customers on Apple and Android devices—updates on both platforms are included

Manage with Loyalty Studio

Apriva’s loyalty management platform was designed with security in mind, but we also make your app administration simple and streamlined:

Key Benefits

How can I add loyalty to my business?