AprivaPay Integration Services

Apriva's integration services provide secure, responsive, easily integrated payments for software and mobile applications.

Software Development Kit

Mobile SDK

Add payment processing to mobile, web, traditional and unattended POS solutions. Apriva supports over 1,100 MSPs and ISOs across the United States and Canada. Apriva Integration Services include APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services to securely connect your POS solutions to over 30 different payment processors. With so many integration options, Apriva empowers merchants to sell anything, anywhere.


Web Services Integration

Leverage RESTful web services using JSON to securely accept credit, debit, and campus card payments, plus add card-on-file for recurring billing (subscriptions).

XML Integration

XML Integration Services

Connect to Apriva’s adaptive payment platform using XML to securely take credit, debit, stored-value, even EBT payments. Deploy end-to-end encryption with key management and secure socket connections.

Integrator studio

Our Integration Services Play Nice with Everyone

Processors: Apriva supports more than 40 devices and over 30 certified processing platforms. Merchants can process financial transactions from any location using most any processor.

Platforms: Apriva provides APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services to securely connect Android™, iOS, and other platforms to the Apriva Gateway™.

ISOs + MSPs: Apriva currently works with some 1,100 merchant service providers (MSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs) across the United States and Canada.

Apriva Payment Processor Payment Gateway

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