AprivaPay eCommerce

Paths to Secure Online Payments


Simple Online Payments

Apriva’s adaptive payment platform delivers several options for online payment acceptance:

Apriva also exposes APIs for tokenization to facilitate recurring payments and other integrated payment options.

Recurring Billing

Apriva offers a simple way to create an ongoing payment subscription with a variety of interval options. Seamlessly manage recurring payments through Merchant Studio while streamlining your billing with digital receipts and notification of declines via email or SMS.

Online Payment Acceptance Made Easy

Hosted Payment Form

Apriva’s hosted payment form is a simple and secure solution for adding basic payment functionality to your online store. Integrated through web services, this payment form is hosted on Apriva’s security network, so no card information is ever stored on merchant systems, maintaining PCI-compliance while capturing secure payments.

Virtual Terminal

Apriva’s Virtual Terminal, accessible within Merchant Studio, enables card-not-present payment acceptance from your browser. Virtual Terminal transactions generate customer receipts, and allow merchants to easily issue refunds. Merchant Studio tax and transaction reporting empowers merchants to view and control online card payments. Ideal for mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) transactions.

Digital Invoices

AprivaPay Mobile includes a streamlined digital invoicing capability, allowing mobile merchants, service professionals, or any business to send invoices via email or SMS directly through the mobile app. Customer receiving digital invoices can quickly pay from any online desktop or mobile device, improving cash flow and reducing the need to pursue outstanding invoices.

How do I add payments to my website?