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Parking Solutions Drive the Future of Payments

Whether you need parking payment solutions valets, curbside parking, attendants, or parking kiosks, Apriva’s payment parking solutions enable parking operators to customize a solution set specific to their business needs. Combine our secure payment gateway, wireless connectivity, mobile payments, self-service payments like parking kiosks, and attendant hardware devices to accept:


Self-Service Parking Kiosks

Apriva’s payment parking solutions enable enables broad payment acceptance for self-service parking payments, such as parking kiosks. Cashless payments, vending management systems, recurring payment, and equipment financing options are all facets of our self-service solution.

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Success Stories

Find out how Apriva partnered with Nationwide Payments to provide omnichannel solutions for merchants in the parking industry.

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AprivaPay Mobile and Apriva Merchant Studio Payment Solutions Merchant Services
Payment solutions for your whole business

Accept Payments on Apple, Android, or Amazon Devices

Apriva provides payment solutions for your whole business. Apriva’s feature-rich mobile payments application can be downloaded directly, or white-labeled for parking operators looking to deliver a custom mobile experience. Whether deployed as the primary interface for valets or curbside parking, or as backup for attendants, AprivaPay Mobile is flexible, secure way to accept payments. Plus our powerful web-based companion Merchant Studio provides powerful business metrics and reporting to support your whole business.

AprivaPay Mobile


Flexibility and Security for Terminals

With the largest number of processing endpoints in payments, Apriva’s adaptive platform empowers parking operators to select the devices and processors best suited to their payments strategy.

Integrator Studio

Many Integration Paths

Apriva provides APIs, SDKs, and web services options to integrate parking software, apps, and systems to our adaptive payment platform. Our 24/7 development environment and certification program validates integrated solutions from connectivity, to processing, through sunny-day (success) and rainy-day (failure) scenarios. Apriva Integration certification gives parking operators measurable benchmarks to have confidence their system is ready for real-world transactions.

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