Apriva Vice President Bill Ramsey To Speak at Mobile Payments Conference April 10 in New York

Presentation Will Discuss the Market Opportunity for Multi-Functional, Cloud-based Mobile Wallets

Scottsdale, AZ, April 3, 2013—Apriva, the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions, gateway services, and secure information solutions, announced that Bill Ramsey, the company’s vice president and general manager of mobile payments solutions, will speak at the Mobile Payments Conference, scheduled for April 10-11, 2013 at the Helen Mills Space & Theatre in New York City. Mr. Ramsey’s presentation, “Keep the Change, Show Me the Wallet,” is scheduled for April 10 at 12:30 pm.

In his remarks, Mr. Ramsey will provide an overview of cloud-based mobile commerce technology, and discuss various value-add features that can be accessed through the cloud, including payments, mobile marketing, loyalty, and fulfillment services. In addition, he will explain why cloud-based mobile commerce solutions offer superior security compared to device-centric wallet technology, and will discuss various deployment options for providers looking to deliver these services.

“As merchants and consumers demand more sophisticated mobile commerce features and capabilities, service providers need to understand how they can deliver these services and features securely, reliably, and cost-efficiently,” explained Ramsey. “By leveraging a cloud-based mobile commerce ecosystem, providers can offer best-of-breed features and services that can enable merchants to more effectively locate, interact and retain customers.”

According to Marla Ellerman, executive director of the Mobile Payments Conference, the presentation should provide some much-needed clarity to attendees seeking to make sense of the various mobile wallet offerings in the market.

“Many providers and merchants are looking for mobile commerce offerings that meet their needs, but are often confused by the incomplete and contradictory information that is entering the marketplace,” explained Ms. Ellerman. “We are very pleased that Bill Ramsey will join us and shed some light on the capabilities and features of cloud-based wallets. We fully expect that our audience will find his remarks very informative and practical.”

The market-leading provider of wireless transactions services in North America, Apriva offers a broad portfolio of secure mobile commerce solutions. Its proprietary wireless security protocol, AprivaTalk™, is recognized as among the most robust encryption technologies in the payments industry. In addition, Apriva maintains relationships with more than 30 payment processers in North America, along with all leading wireless providers. Apriva currently works with some 850 merchant acquirers and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) across the United States and Canada.

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Founded in 1999, Apriva is the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information messaging solutions that meet the exacting security and reliability requirements of financial services providers, government entities and public service sectors. Through its two operating groups, Apriva Point of Sale (POS) and Apriva Information Security Systems (ISS), the company offers customers fully-managed, end-to-end, security solutions that incorporate hardware, software, network infrastructure and management tools. For more information, visit www.apriva.com.

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