Apriva/NAMA Survey: Majority of Vending Operators Expect to Add Cashless Technology in 2011

Scottsdale, AZ  February 23, 2011—Apriva, the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information solutions, today announced results of a survey it conducted among 200 NAMA members regarding the adoption of cashless payment technologies in the vending space. According to the findings, approximately 57 percent of all respondents expect to either integrate or expand the use of cashless technology in 2011. Only eight percent of the respondents indicated they do not foresee adding any cashless technology into their businesses.

“It appears that the vending community is approaching critical mass in terms of adopting cashless technology,” said Stacey Finley Tappin, vice president of sales for Apriva. “The findings confirm what we’re seeing in the field—that a growing number of operators understand the profound benefits offered through cashless technology, and are prepared to make the strategic decision of bringing these solutions into their businesses.”

Apriva and NAMA conducted the study as part of their ongoing efforts to educate operators on the operational and economic benefits of cashless vending. Apriva is a participant in the NAMA-sponsored cashless vending initiative, which delivers an end-to-end cashless solution to operators.

Of those vendors who indicated their intention of adding cashless in 2011, about 30 percent said that they would place cashless machines in university or school settings, while 12 percent cited hospitals and other institutions as their preferred locations.

“As cashless technology becomes more accepted in the industry, most operators will face a learning curve in identifying the right locations to deploy the technology,” explains Dr. Michael Kasavana, NAMA-endowed Professor in Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. “From what we can surmise from Apriva’s survey, a good portion of operators see that institutions—such as schools and hospitals—offer the right demographics to warrant electronic payments. As the technology continues to become more pervasive, I expect that we’ll see cashless make inroads in a number of other facilities, like retail and offices.” In addition, the survey also queried operators regarding the sources they use to receive information on unattended payments. More operators (43%) use the NAMA website (www.vending.org) as their primary source of information than other outlets, including trade publications, blogs, and other forms of media.

For information on the NAMA Cashless Vending Program, visit www.vending.org and click the NAMA Cashless Solution icon or call 1-888-317-0971.

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