Apriva ISS Added to NSA’s CSfC Program Trusted Integrator List

Secure Communications Provider Achieves New Milestone,
Builds Upon Past Work with Intelligence and Government Agencies


Scottsdale, Arizona, October 3, 2016Apriva, the leading provider of secure end-to-end wireless transaction and information security solutions, today announced that they are now listed as a Trusted Integrator within the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program. This distinction indicates that Apriva has passed a strict government review and has met the stringent security and management requirements established by the CSfC program, setting Apriva apart from other wireless information security solutions providers in the market today.

The NSA/CSS's CSfC Program was established to allow Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) customers to implement secure mobile access solutions using independent, layered commercial products for protecting classified National Security Systems (NSS) data. This enables government and security agencies to securely communicate based on commercial standards utilizing solutions that can be fielded in months, rather than years. Apriva’s addition to the Trusted Integrator list enables the company to continue to operate at the leading edge of implementing, deploying and operating classified  communications systems and solutions for government agencies, building upon the company’s past work in developing systems for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) which began in 2008 with the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Multi-carrier Entry Point (MCEP) program and more recently as part of the DISA’s  DoD Mobility Classified Capability (DMCC) program, which the company initiated in 2012.

“Providing government-level security is becoming increasingly important as we see a rise in the number and complexity of high-profile mobile breaches,” said Jeff Ford, chief operating officer and president at Apriva ISS. “This listing validates our position as a leader in building comprehensive, secure platforms to protect information while government employees are on the go, and builds upon our past experience in securing the most important communications for government agencies.”

Apriva has been focused on enabling mobile business for organizations of all types since its inception, and the Company’s secure information and transaction solutions are relied upon for a wide spectrum of mobile use cases. These range from securing classified government voice and data communications with its CSfC listed Mobile Environment Security Architecture (MESA)  Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution, to enabling secure, efficient payments for merchants and financial institutions of all sizes, including several of the nation’s top banks.

For more information on Apriva’s secure government solutions, visit https://www.apriva.comiss.


About Apriva

Formed in 2003, Apriva is the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information messaging solutions that meet the exacting security and reliability requirements of financial services providers, government entities, and public service sectors. Through its two operating groups, Apriva Point of Sale (POS) and Apriva Information Security Systems (ISS), the company offers customers fully-managed, end-to-end, security solutions that incorporate hardware, software, network infrastructure and management tools. For more information, visit www.apriva.com.


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