Apriva Certifies EMV-Ready POS Universal Application on Four Leading Terminal Families

New Platform for Fast POS Compliance and Feature Updates Certified on Ingenico, VeriFone and Equinox terminals.

Scottsdale, Ariz. August 26, 2014 — Apriva, the leading provider of secure end-to-end wireless transaction and information solutions, today announced the general availability of its Apriva POS™ Universal Application on major terminal platforms from Ingenico, VeriFone and Equinox. The Apriva POS Universal Application is designed to simplify and streamline terminal updates for merchants across several leading terminal families by serving as a single, unified application across all of their POS hardware.

Merchant acquirers have long faced a significant challenge in keeping their merchants’ terminals software current. Updating, distributing and supporting distinct applications for multiple terminal lines is costly and time-consuming. It requires multiple development efforts, terminal specific documentation, and help desk personnel with expertise on multiple terminal applications. Since the merchant is often responsible to initiate an update to their software, terminals are often not updated for extended periods. It requires the terminal to be offline and typical application updates often take an hour or more to download. As a result many terminals are running software that is out-dated and non-compliant.

“The immense amount of time required to complete common updates and the complexity of maintaining various vendor terminals causes many merchants to fall behind. Unfortunately, this leaves them susceptible to new security threats and falling out of compliance with payment processors,” said Chris Spinella, the company’s chief executive officer. “The Apriva POS Universal Application is designed to overcome these challenges by making the application update process largely transparent to the merchant. Once the Universal Application is deployed in a merchant location the merchant will receive timely software updates. This helps them stay on top of critical compliance updates while also reducing the amount of time and money spent doing so.”

Developed as a single thin-client application, Apriva POS Universal Application enables merchant acquirers to automatically update a merchant’s terminal. Following the daily settlement process, the terminal “phones home” and pulls down any pending software or parameter updates, typically in fewer than five minutes. Replacing proprietary software on terminals, the Apriva POS Universal Application simplifies the management and support of multiple terminal families. Not only are updates handled automatically, but since the application behaves the same on all terminals, the merchant acquirer can standardize documentation and help desk support. The Apriva POS Universal Application is EMV-ready, enabling the provider to future-proof their merchant terminals for the forthcoming transition to chip cards.

To meet merchant needs, Apriva has certified the Apriva POS Universal Application for use on the Ingenico Telium2, VeriFone Evolution, VeriFone Verix V, and Equinox Optimum terminal families. The Apriva POS Universal Application includes features for both retail and restaurant environments and supports credit, debit and EBT card transactions. Through the Apriva Gateway it provides connections to more than 35 payment processors.

For more information about Apriva’s POS Universal Application Software, please visit https://www.apriva.comproducts/pos/product/pos, or follow the company on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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