Apriva Announces Availability of Frost & Sullivan White Paper on Mobile Security Threats for Healthcare Providers

Securing Mobile Healthcare: Eliminating the Threat of Mobile Device Security Breaches” Describes Operational Challenges and Solutions for Providers Who Rely on Mobile Technologies

Scottsdale, AZ February 20, 2012—Apriva, the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information solutions, announced the availability of a white paper that outlines the operational threats and compliance issues that healthcare providers face when implementing mobility solutions. Authored by globally-recognized market research firm Frost & Sullivan, the white paper: “Securing Mobile Healthcare: Eliminating the Threat of Mobile Device Security Breaches” is available at no charge to healthcare organizations, technology integrators, and solutions providers.

In the report, Frost & Sullivan examines the evolving dynamics regarding mobile healthcare (mHealth) in terms of authentication issues, securing patient and other proprietary data, and maintaining seamless and secure voice and data communications both within the enterprise and between providers. The white paper goes into detail by enumerating many security, compliance, and legal issues that healthcare providers face when integrating mobile devices, software, and applications into their networks. In addition to reporting on the challenges providers face, Frost & Sullivan outlines several solutions that healthcare providers can employ in order to maintain compliance with HIPAA and other mandates, as well as improve efficiency and patient care throughout the organization.

“Healthcare providers are increasingly looking at mobile technologies as a viable solution to improve patient care, reduce overhead and increase productivity,” explained Jeff Ford, chief operating officer for Apriva. “While there are numerous profound benefits for deploying mobile solutions, healthcare providers must remain extremely vigilant in maintaining a secure infrastructure in order to comply with various mandates. This white paper does an excellent job in delineating the various threats that can compromise security, along with suggesting several strategic and tactical steps that providers can take to protect themselves from potential breaches in their mobile infrastructures.”

For more information on the Frost & Sullivan white paper, and to request an electronic copy, email Apriva at marketing@staging.apriva.com.

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