mPOS Merchant Portal

Apriva Merchant Studio
The Apriva Merchant Portal allows small and mid-size businesses to easily measure and track the pulse of purchases. It works in harmony with the AprivaPay Mobile app to automatically keep data current across all devices. With these two solutions working hand-in-hand, merchants gain access to a robust command center at their fingertips.

Features & Benefits


On-the-Go Access to Everything

The Apriva Merchant Portal’s responsive and mobile-friendly design allows merchants to quickly and easily check the status of their business no matter where they are.

Quick Inventory Management

Inventory management is a breeze with this Portal. Use it to manage items, prices, display pictures, descriptions, and more. Then, watch it sync with the AprivaPay Mobile app so updates are automatically made everywhere at once.

Robust Reports & Receipts

The Merchant Portal’s reports allow merchants to view and export sales statistics, transaction data, and sales tax data for any date range, as well as re-send transaction receipts to past customers.

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Easy-to-Read Dashboard

The Dashboard offers a high-level account overview, while displaying important sales data and other information about the business.


Simple User Management

Business leaders can manage employee changes in a moment by adding, removing, or editing users from either the Merchant Portal or mobile app.


Convenient Support

The Portal’s Support section provides a central place to submit support requests, view popular support topics, download user guides for the mobile app, or get in touch with Apriva’s Customer Contact Center.


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