Mobile Security Services


Expertise + Technology = Security

While no two mobility solutions are ever identical, the underlying tenets of secure mobility networking are the same regardless if deployed by a government agency or commercial enterprise. Apriva has real-world success in the design, development, deployment, operation and sustainment of secure mobile solutions. Whether you require the robust security provided by Apriva MESA products or utilize your own products and architecture, Apriva professional services can help reduce risk to your next mobility project.

Apriva Professional Services include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Secure Mobility Gateway/Architecture Design
  • Mobile Ingress/Egress Design
  • Capacity Planning
  • Continuity of Operations, Global Failover, and Network Resilience
  • System Deployment
  • Integrated operations support
  • Information Assurance Management/Sustainment
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Authentication (Smart Card) applications

Operations & Maintenance

Apriva has proven success in managing secure mobile operations and maintaining secure mobile networks. Our team of experienced engineers, system administrators, programmers, and security professionals work with government and commercial organizations to ensure their systems are functioning optimally and securely to fulfill their missions.


Wireless Design & Integration

Apriva is a leader in secure mobile communications and brings decades of expertise to our wireless design and integration projects. Apriva’s MESA VPN, MESA CCS, and Apriva MESA Gateway can be tailored to fit your organization’s mission and information security requirements.


Trusted Advisor

Join thousands of government and commercial professionals who have entrusted Apriva to keep their wireless communications safe over the years. When you partner with Apriva, you gain access to a dynamic suite of mobile security products and services—securing your information and putting you in control.


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