Protecting the DoD and Intelligence Communities’ Most Sensitive Data

ISS MESA VPNApriva technology has been protecting data for the US and international governments for over 15 years, enabling the transmission of classifiEd and unclassified communication from locations around the world with confidence. Since 2012, Apriva’s MESA VPN has been protecting DoD’s most sensitive information on a global scale. As part of the DoD Mobility Classified Capability (DMCC), MESA VPN has provided the secure connectivity for hundreds of thousands of classified phone calls and data transfers between classified mobile devices and SIPRnet. Listed as an approved product on the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Components List, the MESA VPN is approved to handle up to Top Secret traffic as part of a CSfC solution.

The need for our leaders to access sensitive or classified data on-the-go to make timely decisions has never been greater and Apriva’s technology makes that possible.

Robust Protection for Your Data in Transit

The Apriva MESA VPN is an extremely robust IPsec VPN that provides data-in-transit protection through the implementation of validated encryption algorithms and commercial standard protocols free of burdensome, proprietary modes of operation.

Mesa VPN Benefits

Robust, Validated Security

The MESA VPN has been certified under the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and listed on the NSA CSfC Components List as an approved product.

IETF Standards – The Cornerstone of MESA VPN Flexibility

Unlike our competitors, the MESA VPN is designed and developed with strict adherence to IETF standards, without the implementation of proprietary licensing or policy files. This means that the MESA VPN supports most native device VPN clients out of the box and alleviates the need for costly client integration. MESA provides out-of-the-box support for Samsung, WIN 10, Apple and a variety of CSfC, commercial, and open-source clients.

Standalone Appliance, Enterprise Gateway or Tactical Applications

No matter your implementation requirements, the MESA VPN is equipped to provide the necessary security, connectivity and flexibility so that your solution can grow as your requirements change. Whether trying to provide a classified voice solution for an entire enterprise, streaming tactical video to a small community of interest, or transmitting sensitive commercial business secrets, Apriva MESA VPN is ready for the challenge.


To see specifications for the MESA VPN, download the brochure.

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