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Apriva products have been unlocking the potential of mobile devices for more than a decade. Now Apriva guides businesses of all sizes and government agencies to unrivaled wireless payment processing and secure mobile communications.

Mobile Computing Pioneer

Apriva recognized the potential of mobile computing early and has led the way in secure mobile communications and wireless payment processing technology ever since.

1999 Chris Spinella, Paul Coppinger, Michael Klingen and Rinaldo Spinella found company and begin offering wireless gateway services.

2000 Apriva raises venture funds and launches Apriva POS for RIM® devices.

2002 Apriva begins working with the US Intelligence Community to develop smart card readers for RIM devices.

2003 Apriva signs First Data™ as its first major customer for wireless gateway services.

2006 Apriva wins first certification with Bermuda and Mexico customers, following 2005 Canadian certification.

2006 Apriva contracts with L-3 Communications and General Dynamics for AprivaMail™ SME PED development. Apriva develops first Bluetooth® universal smart card reader for use with multiple devices.

2008 Apriva obtains certification on more than 35 different payment platforms.

2008 Apriva wins contract with Defense Information Systems Agency to provide private gateway services for secure mobile mail, including secret mail, for the Department of Defense (DoD).

2009 Apriva launches wireless payment services to vending / unattended markets.

2009 Apriva contracts with Intermec & Motorola to provide PKI-based domain access control to the DoD.

2010 Apriva introduces AprivaPay™, a payment card application for mobile phones. Apriva partners with AT&T™ to introduce new mobile applications on smartphones for small business POS.

2012 Apriva introduces AprivaLife™, a customizable, cloud-based mobile commerce application that combines payments, loyalty, offers, location-based services, social media and identification features.

2013 Apriva launches its newest mobile payment application, AprivaPay™ Plus, an app that turns an Apple or Android device into a mobile point of sale.

2013 Apriva introduces Apriva POS™ Universal Application, a software solution that enables merchant services providers to seamlessly deliver feature and compliance updates to disparate POS terminal families.

2014 Apriva introduces its Gateway Integration Program which allows payment application developers to implement credit, debit, loyalty, closed-loop, and EMV payment processing.

Secure Communications

Apriva ISS

Apriva ISS provides secure wireless voice and data communications for government agencies and businesses that need high levels of security.

Apriva's proven technology satisfies all government encryption requirements for communications over public wireless networks. That makes Apriva ISS a vital tool for both agencies and security-conscious industries including healthcare, transportation, and first responders. Apriva ISS products deliver customer command and control of secure communication networks.

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Payment Processing

Apriva POS

Apriva POS empowers businesses of any size to accept wireless credit card and debit card transactions.

By connecting a wide array of wireless card payment devices to merchants' payment networks, Apriva POS has captured a significant portion of the North American point of sale market. Apriva POS offers an end to end product that integrates hardware, software, network services, management tools, and support.

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AprivaTalk: Proven, Exclusive Security Technology

  • Securely Sends Data Across Disparate Networks and Systems
  • US Intelligence Community Tested and DoD Certified
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Compliant
  • Four Times Faster Than SSL Security Protocol

Apriva Cares

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Secure Mobile Communications Because your communications are highly sensitive

Wireless Payment Processing Because taking mobile card payments is business critical