Omni-Retail Solutions

Bringing omnichannel payments to retail


Payments at All Points of Interaction

Retailers know succeeding in a competitive marketplace requires a superior customer experience spanning all points of interaction. Omnichannel customer access requires omnichannel payments, and Apriva’s platform-as-a-service enables innovative retailers to customize their solution set to meet customer needs, with:


Tailored to You

Apriva’s adaptive payment platform enables retailers to configure custom payment solutions—choosing from multiple payment acceptance options, devices, and processors to best fit your business.

  • Custom reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Interchange optimization
  • Alternative payment acceptance capabilities
  • Wireless carrier management
  • Automated deployment
  • Level 1 & Level 2 customer care available 24×7

Customization, Integration & Support

Apriva presents an agnostic approach to payment processors, payment types, and hardware. As trusted advisors to omni-retailers, Apriva delivers secure payment technologies ever evolving to capture payments and reduce risks.

  • Propagate your brand by white-labeling Apriva solutions
  • Complete Integration Support
  • Support via Level 1 and Level 2 Customer Care

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