Simplified mobile payment acceptance—and more.

AprivaPay Plus

Simplified mobile payment acceptance—and more.

AprivaPay Plus turns an Apple or Android device into a mobile point of sale. This streamlined application is geared towards small- and mid-sized merchants, and can be used in any number of venues — storefront or mobile.

Why AprivaPay Plus?

Settings and Receipts

Easily set sales tax and tip settings right in the app. Send receipts to customers via email or text message with the option to have copies sent to the merchant. Sales history can be viewed and searched, along with the option to refund transactions.

Flexible and Fast

Simplify record keeping by running both cash and card transactions in a single app. Create an inventory which can be used to quickly ring up sales.

Multiple Users

Supports up to 10 active devices per account and is ideal for a business with multiple field personnel. AprivaPay Plus allows them to swipe the card, improving Interchange qualification over manual entry.


AprivaPay Plus supports encrypted card readers, preventing another app from accessing confidential card data on the mobile device. Additionally, all transaction information is securely stored on the Apriva Payment Gateway, eliminating the risk of payment card information being recovered from a lost or stolen device.

Key Features

  • Inventory items with set prices, descriptions and photos
  • Data stored in cloud and shared across devices
  • Barcode scanner
  • Transaction reporting
  • Cash transaction tracking and receipts
  • Sales history in app
  • Sales tax and tip settings in app
  • Auto-send receipts to merchant
  • Option to print paper receipts
  • Encrypted card reader

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  • Apple iPhone
  • Android
  • Anywhere Commerce
    Rambler 1 & 2 card reader