A Branded Mobile App. Payments, loyalty programs, offers and more.

AprivaLife Application for iPhone & Android

AprivaLife™ is a customizable cloud-based mobile commerce application that combines payments, loyalty, offers, location-based services, social media, and identification features in a secure, intuitive and flexible platform. Help merchants build relationships with consumers by creating valuable offers and rewards that may be redeemed at point of sale or shared with family and friends through social networking—all within Apriva’s existing infrastructure.


AprivaLife™ can be easily customized. Add services and features that will resonate with merchants—as well as potential consumers. Apriva can also brand the app to adhere to image and brand guidelines, enhancing a company’s visibility and strengthening relationships with existing customers and prospects.

Manage Rewards and Offers
AprivaLife™ provides merchants with a simple and intuitive online portal for creating, managing, and delivering relevant offers, promotions, and reward programs through the mobile device. All information and program offerings are securely stored in the cloud and are quickly delivered direct to consumers for ready access at the point of sale.

Online Management Portal
Merchants can manage and view all the day’s mobile commerce activities in one place—on their mobile or desktop—including total daily sales receipts and transaction history.

Apriva is committed to ensuring that all transactions, card data and personal information remain secure throughout the entire mobile commerce lifecycle. Apriva never stores private information on mobile devices and card data is always securely stored on Apriva's Gateway. This eliminates the potential of card data being recovered from a lost or stolen phone, and allows consumers to easily re-engage with merchant offerings in the event of a lost phone.

AprivaLife™ Capabilities

  • Real-time, two-way interaction between consumers and merchants
  • Digital receipts
  • Fully integrated with social media networks
  • Cloud-based, works with new and legacy infrastructure
  • Rich media experience via mobile device
  • Customized, targeted, location-based offers and promotions
  • Integration with leading loyalty programs, payment processors, wireless networks, and financial institutions
  • Support for current (MSR) and emerging (NFC/EMV) payment methods
  • Secure storage of offers, loyalty/affinity cards, payment cards, digital receipts for all transactions-and even snapshots
  • Employs the cloud to store any card or ID in a highly secure method that ensures the protection of private data
  • Simple purchase and redemption process at the point of sale powered by the Apriva Gateway
  • Apriva's heritage as a full-service payment gateway supporting all card brands-credit, debit, and stored-value, ensures full interoperability and flexibility for the merchant

Compatible Phones

  • iOS
  • Android