Secure Mobile Communication and User Authentication

US Intelligence Community Tested and DoD Certified Apriva technology empowers military, government and private enterprise customers to communicate with confidence. Apriva provides the pinnacle of mobile communications security. Our email products are required for use on high security mobile phones known as SME PEDs (Secure Mobile Environment - Portable Electronic Device). The same Apriva technologies that enable that kind of highly classified mobile communications support all of Apriva’s authentication, gateway and software products. 

Apriva ISS Products

Apriva ISS Markets

Government & Military

Government and military entities that require secure wireless communications require integrated security products from Apriva ISS. Apriva’s authentication products, gateways and secure applications solutions are trusted by officials who demand security confidence

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Public Safety

Police, fire and other public safety departments need Apriva’s authentication, gateway and secure software products to ensure that mobile communications aren’t compromised. First responders can deploy Apriva’s Tactical Gateway to establish mobile, secure communications networks at the scene of a disaster.

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The same secure communication products trusted by government and military entities can protect any organization that deals in sensitive data. Health care businesses, law firms, utilities and financial entities can establish security using Apriva ISS’s integrated authentication, gateway and security software products.

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