Apriva’s point of sale products are built on a secure technology foundation that has been rigorously tested and verified by the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense (DoD), and is compliant with the payment industry's standards body, the PCI Security Standards Council. Learn more about the payment gateway behind our solutions, and contact us for more information on how to leverage this technology for your business.

Apriva Gateway

Apriva’s Payment Gateway connects any device with any processing platform using our ultra-secure communications methods. By housing this technology in two fully redundant data centers in diverse locations, as well as specific U.S. Government and Allied Nation’s data centers, merchants can rest assured knowing they never have to fret about security or downtime.

Payment Industry Compliance


The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and Mastercard’s Point of Sale Terminal Security Program (PTS) were established to protect sensitive cardholder information. Apriva is certified under these standards and committed to updating our certifications annually.

Visit the PCI Security Standards site


Apriva also complies with the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS), which serve as an extension of PCI-DSS. These standards address the security characteristics of a payment application, as well as the ability for a merchant or end user to securely operate it.

Learn more about PA-DSS

Security for Merchants and Merchant Acquirers

Apriva’s POS solutions utilize the same technology that supports our Information Security Systems. These products have been reviewed by the US Intelligence Community and certified by the DoD for government use, instilling merchants with supreme confidence in their security.

Reliable Connections on Unreliable Networks

Between its fully redundant and geo-diverse data centers, end-to-end security envelope, intelligent fault recovery, store and forward logic, and safeguard transaction integrity, our technology delivers 100% reliability in even the most unreliable environments.