Mobile Payment Acceptance Made Simple

AprivaPay Plus allows small-and mid-sized businesses to turn any Apple or Android device into a mobile point of sale terminal. This streamlined solution is also EMV-capable, putting merchants ahead of the curve by allowing them to accept chip cards today.

Features & Benefits


Apriva offers the only solution that provides the flexibility to connect any payment acceptance device with any processor.


AprivaPay Plus is the ultimate mobile payment app, allowing merchants to easily do business in stores or on the go.

Competitive Advantage

Merchants and partners have the opportunity to accept money anywhere and leverage the most innovative mobile payment technology around.

Sales Visibility

Apriva’s associated product suites allow business owners to scale their mobile sales force and see detailed transaction reports.


Our payment gateway, application, and full suite of products offer the rock-solid security that merchants need for peace of mind.


Our EMV solution is available, allowing merchants to reduce fraud liability when legislation takes effect.

Merchant Portal

See how Apriva’s Merchant Portal allows business owners to easily measure and track the pulse of purchases accepted with AprivaPay Plus.

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Data Sheet

Download the data sheet for more information about AprivaPay Plus.

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