Seamlessly Expand Revenue with Integrated Cashless Payments

One of the best ways for vending machine operators to boost sales and reduce costs is by accepting card payments in addition to cash. Expand revenue opportunities at food and refreshment machines, ice and water dispensers, and other unattended vending services with Apriva Vend.

Features & Benefits


Apriva Vend provides the flexibility to connect any vending management solution with any processor, or integrate with our gateway and other Apriva products.

Competitive Advantage

Our state-of-the-art cashless vending technology allows customers to pay the way they want to, increases vending revenue, and creates a powerful differentiator.


Apriva’s wireless technology has been reviewed by the US Intelligence Community and certified by the Department of Defense, leading to unmatched security and ultimate confidence.


Apriva Vend makes it easy to change supported hardware or payment processors, giving vending operators the ability to make adjustments as the business evolves.


Apriva has equipment financing partners for all unattended hardware needs, making it more attainable and affordable to add cashless payment hardware.


Data Sheet

Download the data sheet for more information about Apriva Vend.

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