Add Payment Processing to Existing Applications

Businesses of all sizes turn to Apriva Integration Services as a fast way to support diverse forms of payment. Independent software vendors use our mobile payment SDKs and other integration paths to get to market faster, gain a competitive edge, and dazzle new prospects. Plus, corporations with an existing mobile solution can add payment acceptance without the time, cost, or resources needed to build the system from scratch.

Features & Benefits

Increase Revenue Rapidly

Our Integration Services offer a pre-built collection of payment acceptance solutions (including APIs, mobile payment SDKs and web services) that make it simple to accept credit, debit, EBT, gift and loyalty, and campus cards.

Competitive Advantage

Merchants who partner with Apriva engage their market in new ways and leverage the most innovative payment technologies around.


Apriva’s Integration Services are PCI compliant and support advanced security features, like card encryption at swipe, card tokenization, and EMV technology.


Apriva has equipment financing partners for all unattended hardware needs, making it more attainable and affordable to add cashless payment hardware.


Data Sheet

Download the data sheet for more information about Apriva Integration Services.

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