Apriva partners with hardware companies, cell carriers, deployment centers, and POS resellers to empower businesses with innovative payment processing solutions. Collaborating with Apriva creates benefits for everyone involved: more value and higher satisfaction for your customers, leading to increased revenue for your business.

Apriva Partners and Resellers Have the Power to:

  • Expand into new markets.
  • Take credit card payments in geographic areas where credit card payments were previously impossible.
  • Make sales in new venues, such as craft fairs, public events, and flea markets.
  • Improve profit margins.
  • Increase revenue by adding functionality on existing wireless and mobile payment devices.
  • Boost merchant satisfaction with a reliable and secure payment gateway for payment processing.
  • Easily redirect wireless payment terminals from one processor to any other without software builds or downloads.
  • Deliver 24/7 customer care support.