MESA Gateway


Strong Encryption and Authentication

Apriva’s MESA Gateway combines the security of the MESA-VPN with the command-and-control features of the MESA-CCS. The MESA Gateway meets the NSA’s CSfC trusted integrator requirements and is offered in two configurations: Enterprise or Tactical.

Enterprise Gateway

Large government or commercial organizations can take a holistic approach to securing their mobile workforce, enabling local and global traffic management for up to eight interconnected, geo-dispersed gateways to provide an always-on solution for sensitive and classified information. Each gateway can support up to 120,000 active subscribers, with a system of eight connecting up to one million users, with:

  • Transport Independence — Access using cellular, Wi-Fi, MPLS, and more
  • Simple Command and Control — MESA-CCS for boarding/deboarding operations, reporting, system health, capacity planning, and security monitoring
  • Interoperability — Interface with up to eight geographically dispersed gateways, active-active, with full security association sustainment
  • Resilient Services — Classified voice and data, MDM, local redundancy and secure network connectivity
  • Law Enforcement Access — Support for CALEA and FISA

MESA Tactical

Apriva’s Tactical Gateway provides the security and CSfC-compliance of Apriva’s Enterprise Gateway into a small, tactical form via highly virtualized, ruggedized hardware for tactical command points and other warfighter applications.


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