Secure Mobile Communication

Administration officials, military units and emergency first responders are just a few of the government entities who gain communications confidence from Apriva. Apriva’s products together provide end to end security and control of mobile communications across a wide array of handheld devices and networks. 


Apriva Secures Unsecure Environments 

Government Officials 

Problem:  High-level government employees need mobile security on the go. 

Solution:  Apriva’s gateway systems, authentication products and secure user applications permit classified communications using Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Devices (SME PEDs). Apriva also enables sensitive but unclassified communications using commercial off the shelf (COTS) mobile phones. 


Military Units and First Responders 

Problem: Military units and first responders to emergencies need to set up secure, flexible mobile communications systems. 

Solution: Apriva offers tactical gateways, smart card readers and secure user applications that can be deployed quickly, protecting key information on the fly. 


Agencies With Sensitive Information

Problem:  Government agencies that transmit or store confidential, sensitive information require security confidence. 

Solution:  Apriva’s smart card reader, combined with mobile device applications, and gateway systems can turn unsecured environments into secure information havens.