Although mobile devices offer endless benefits for conducting business on the go, they also pose complex challenges with maintaining sensitive or classified communications. Apriva has developed proprietary technology to solve this problem and enable wireless communications with maximum-level security. With our gateways, applications, and server software, secure organizations in all sectors can take control of their classified information and have 100% trust that their communication is in good hands.

Our Gateway

Apriva’s Gateway securely connects any wireless device with any processing platform using our ultra-secure and reliable technology. By housing this technology in two fully redundant data centers in diverse locations, as well as specific U.S. Government and Allied Nation’s data centers, organizations can rest assured knowing they never have to fret about security or downtime.


  • Serves as the required email client for US Intelligence Community-certified SME PEDs
  • Compliant with DoD Directive 8100.2
  • Uses strong FIPS 140-2 crypto and full DoD public key infrastructure (PKI) enablement
  • Maintains unique AES data-at-rest encryption for Windows Mobile OS devices
  • Provides the ability to send/receive AES 256 encrypted messages with file attachments
  • Offers complete private command and control


  • Supports Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device (SME PED) wireless units certified by the US Intelligence Community
  • Offers physical network security access control over mobile users
  • Provides full command and control over network authentication, deployed wireless devices, and enclave connections
  • Supplies an unpublished, private IP space