The Cornerstone of Secure Virtual Communications

As the foundational product in Apriva’s MESA family, the MESA VPN is a standards-based IPSEC VPN that is compatible with any VPN client supporting IPSEC and IKE V2. With this NIAP-certified and CSfC-compliant solution, users gain access to a far end network utilizing any transmission medium, from cellular to WiFi to MPLS.

Features & Benefits

Extensive Support

This solution supports Suite B Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) GCM and AES 128/256; RSA; IKE V.2 CBC 128, ECDSA 256/384, SHA 256/384; and user defined modes.

Flexible Deployment Uses

Apriva’s MESA VPN can be used for tunnel nesting and remote access, with site-to-site operations coming soon.

Robust Random Number Entropy

Our systems maintain the utmost security by exceeding the NIST’s Special Publication SP800-90A Recommendations for Random Number Generation.

Transport Independence

With Apriva’s VPN solution, government agencies and security-conscious businesses can access their network using cellular, WiFi, MPLS, and more.

Broad Compatibility

MESA’s standards-based, IPSec VPN is compatible with any other standards-based third party IPSec VPN client.

NIAP Certified

Apriva’s MESA VPN is NIAP certified and is on the NSA CSfC approved products list as completed.


Data Sheet

Download our data sheet for details about Apriva’s MESA VPN.

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White Paper

Download our MESA Gray Zone white paper.

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