The Mobile Gateway Every Enterprise Needs

Apriva’s MESA Gateway Enterprise Edition (MESA-EE) allows large organizations to take a more holistic approach to mobility. In addition to the MESA-SE’s features and functions, MESA-EE enables local and global traffic management for up to 8 interconnected MESA-EE gateways, as well as enhanced system health monitoring and capacity planning.

Features & Benefits

High Capacity

The MESA-EE can support up to 120,000 active subscribers per gateway. With capacity for 8 connected gateways, up to one million users can be conducting secure business at the same time.

Transport Independence

With this gateway solution, government agencies and security-conscious businesses can access their network utilizing cellular, WiFi, MPLS, and more.

Simple Command and Control

The MESA-EE’s administrative center contains device boarding/un-boarding operations and advanced performance metric reporting in order to monitor system health and manage capacity planning.


The MESA-EE can interface with up to eight geographically dispersed gateways, providing COOP in active-active configuration with full security association sustainment.

Resilient Services

This solution offers classified voice, classified data, mobile device management (MDM), and secure network connectivity, as well as local redundancy that increases network resiliency.

Law Enforcement Access and Support

The MESA-EE also provides Support for Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) support.


Data Sheet

Download our data sheet for details about Apriva’s MESA-EE.

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White Paper

Download our MESA Gray Zone white paper.

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