Introducing Apriva MESA

Since the advent of smartphones, government agencies and commercial companies have explored ways to manage mobile enterprise business, while still maintaining the same levels of security as wired connections. Apriva’s Mobile Environment Security Architecture (MESA) family of products deliver the best of both worlds: reliable wireless communications with government-level security.

Apriva ISS Solutions


This standards-based IPSEC VPN provides users with access to far end networks utilizing any transmission medium.

MESA Gateway Standard Edition

The MESA-SE offers a sophisticated mobility gateway that meets the CSfC approach to classified mobility.

MESA Gateway Enterprise Edition

The MESA-EE provides all of the features of MESA-SE with even more capacity and enhanced monitoring.

MESA Command & Control Suite

The MESA-CCS contains the essential C2 elements needed to meet assurance and system monitoring requirements.

Apriva Reader

The Reader is a Bluetooth-capable, wearable smart card reader designed for authentication and access control.