Mobile payments are gaining traction. Now, 52 percent of consumers are reporting that they are “extremely aware” of mobile payments according to a report by Accenture. This is up 9 percent from last year!  While currently only 19 percent of U.S.
Names can carry a lot of meaning. Your parents probably spent a lot of time picking yours! Naming a company isn’t very different, except that companies tend to have a very defined purpose and personality before they have a name, so you can choose a name that fits what the company stands for. That’s what we did when we named Apriva.
After years of helping developers implement SDKs to add payment processing to their POS solution, the Apriva Integration Services (AIS) team has learned several best practices for effective implementation. In the coming months, we will be sharing these tips and recommendations to help your team prepare for integration, make the process as smooth as possible, and keep your mobile payments solution up to date long after launch.
This year marks the second annual Automatic Merchandiser and “Pro to Know” Awards, which recognize industry professionals who are leading initiatives to help prepare for the challenges of today's business climate. We’re proud to say that for the second year running, one of Apriva’s team was selected as a winner! Our “Pro to Know,” Paul DeRosse, is our vice president of business development for Apriva in Canada, who’s made significant contributions to the world of vending/automatic merchandising.
Apriva partners with several prominent companies in the payments industry. Recently we received this great testimonial from American Payment Systems on our ongoing partnership and mobile payments solutions. 


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