Higher education institutions are making leaps and bounds with adopting mobile solutions for a wide variety of purposes. For example, University Business just recently published a feature on the ways that a number of universities are incorporating mobile for retail transactions, parking, tuition payments and more. It makes perfect sense – today, students might not always have their wallets on hand, but they’re almost guaranteed to have their smartphones.
Once you understand the process, leverage Apriva’s resources and documentation, and outline user cases and user task flows, you will be ready to begin mobile payment SDK integration. Both Apple and Android have created robust developer portals with valuable tools to jumpstart the process. Bookmark the links below for help building, testing, and deploying your payment processing app.
We are entering into the home stretch of 2015, and while the year isn’t over yet, this has been a very exciting year for Apriva. Through key partnerships, we have made significant strides in the payments industry.  We have formed several powerful strategic alliances, integrated with influential worldwide hardware providers, partnered to bring comprehensive payment offerings to unattended markets and delivered EMV payment solutions to a broad range of U.S. customers.
As the Senior Director of Mobile Product Management at Apriva, I am often invited to speak at conferences throughout North America about the latest trends in mobile payment technology. While every conference has its merits, few attract as diverse and influential a list of players in the payment industry as Mobile Payment Conference (MPC) 2015.


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