Most people would agree that having more options is better than having less. Whether we are picking the color of a car, buying a new pair of shoes or deciding what is for dinner, we are more likely to be satisfied when we are able to choose the option that best fits our needs.
Much like taking a road trip, the fastest way to integrate Apriva’s mobile SDK is to know all of the steps from the departure point to the final destination before starting the journey. Understanding each step of the process upfront allows you to set expectations with your team and leadership; coordinate the people, resources, and assets needed ahead of time; and avoid roadblocks and delays during integration.
Have you used a self-checkout kiosk to make a purchase? If so, you’re in good company. According to a recent poll by Retale, 85 percent of United States Internet respondents have used in-store self-checkout kiosks, and reasons cited include having a small number of items to purchase and shorter lines. So if you aren’t a regular user of self-checkout, what’s stopping you?

According to a November 2014 Forrester Research blog post, US mobile payments will grow to $142 billion over the next five years. As a POS solutions provider, this anticipated market growth underscores an important opportunity to help mobile application developers easily and efficiently integrate payment acceptance capabilities into their apps to meet the demands of this evolving market.


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