As the Senior Director of Mobile Product Management at Apriva, I am often invited to speak at conferences throughout North America about the latest trends in mobile payment technology. While every conference has its merits, few attract as diverse and influential a list of players in the payment industry as Mobile Payment Conference (MPC) 2015.
Although it’s tempting to dive into integration immediately, doing a bit of researching and planning beforehand can save rework, costs, and frustration later. Developers are constantly barraged with new research tools and brainstorming exercises for their projects. When it comes to integrating Apriva’s mobile payment SDK, our team has found two of the oldest methods are still the most effective for developing a solution that meets your merchants’ needs: use cases and user task flows.
It’s back-to-school season. Students around the country are bringing all kinds of technology with them for the new school year, and there is no better time than now for merchants to consider the ways that mobile marketing and cashless payments can help their businesses.
Our team understands that beginning the integration process can seem like a daunting task, so we have compiled a wide array of resources to help increase your familiarity with how the SDK works and put the proper pieces in place for a seamless, secure integration.


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