Mobile payments are near and dear to us at Apriva. We have long worked to enable businesses of all sizes to have easier access to accepting mobile payments via our AprivaPay Plus white-label application, which is widely used by partners such as iPayment, Global Payments and Valley National Bank. As part of our continued pursuit to improve mobile payments, our focus has shifted to enabling merchants to deliver the same positive experience whether they are mobile or at a brick-and-mortar location.
The effectiveness of your integrated payments solution relies on more than good coding. During our experience guiding independent software vendors (ISVs) through the process of integrating mobile payment SDKs, APIs, and web services, the AIS team has identified several strategies that help set up your solution for success. Spending a little time implementing these strategies today will lead to a big advantage in the future.
Last month, we hit a major milestone. By completing EMV certification of Globalcom Engineering’s BV1000 device with Global Payments through our Gateway, we have released the first EMV certified unattended solution in the United States. This is huge for not just us, but the industry, as upgrading to EMV is a critical step in protecting ourselves from credit card fraud. 
Whether you’re a new business just starting out, a one-man shop, or a purveyor of mobile goods and services, it’s important to have a payment solution you can count on. Today, with new payments technology constantly evolving, being able to accept the latest forms of payment is essential to business growth.
Cash is no longer king as more and more people move to EMV credit cards and mobile payments. Many business have struggled to keep pace with increasingly fast changes in payments, but with the right partners, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Small businesses can meet the evolving payment needs of their customers simply by choosing the right solutions. At Apriva, our Integration Services (AIS) can help bring agile payments to merchants needed to accept the latest payments forms including mobile wallets, NFC, EMV and traditional credit cards.


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