New Look, New Blog

Welcome to our new blog!

Fifteen years ago, Apriva got its start when my fellow co-founder and colleague’s daughter dropped a RIM device into a glass of Kool-Aid. Taking that early BlackBerry apart to dry it out led to us looking at mobile devices in an entirely different way – not just for communications, but as a means of conducting wireless commerce. And so Apriva was founded.

Today we have taken that focus of enabling mobile business and turned it into two divisions, Apriva ISS and Apriva POS, offering secure solutions for mobile communications and transactions that are leveraged by government agencies and recognizable brands alike, including three of the top five banks in the United States. Chances are whenever you pay a mobile merchant by credit card with your smartphone or on a traditional payment terminal, our technology is working behind the scenes. We’ve certainly come a long way since 2003!

You may have noticed today that our website looks a little different, and part of this facelift is launching a brand-new blog. Here we’ll share our perspective on the trends that are shaping mobility and mobile transactions and impacting how we all leverage our devices. We’ll also address the big things happening at Apriva, the overall impact on our customers and ultimately why it should matter to you.

We hope this will be an open dialogue, and we invite you to share your thoughts and perspective by engaging with us on social media. To get the conversation started, what do you think of the new website? Let us know on Twitter and LinkedIn!

- Chris Spinella, CEO