Payments are evolving more rapidly today than ever before.  Real-time payments, growth in e-commerce, and a transition towards cloud banking are driving the market in new and exciting directions. 

The focus on EMV in the payments industry over the past few years has allowed new disruptive technologies to grow.  When the payment industry product innovation stalled in an effort upgrade systems to accept chip card support standards, mobile and P2P technologies emerged to fill the gap.  

As the payments ecosystem becomes more ubiquitous globally, the need for a seamless solution that functions across regions and payment types becomes more important, providing an excellent opportunity for Apriva to meet that need.  With AprivaPay Plus, businesses have choice beyond what many other solutions offer.  They have the choice to select the partners and processors that make sense for them, while offering their customers the same freedom to choose the payment methods that work for their lifestyles.

This blog originally appeared on Payment Eye.

The payments landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. As payments evolve, they’re including more forms of interactions with consumers. These interactions through various mediums have brought up a topic and a new buzz word in many debates: omni-channel payments.

Mobile payments are near and dear to us at Apriva. We have long worked to enable businesses of all sizes to have easier access to accepting mobile payments via our AprivaPay Plus white-label application, which is widely used by partners such as iPayment, Global Payments and Valley National Bank. As part of our continued pursuit to improve mobile payments, our focus has shifted to enabling merchants to deliver the same positive experience whether they are mobile or at a brick-and-mortar location.

We are excited to announce that AprivaPay Plus is now available for download in the Amazon App Store! Now AprivaPay Plus can be downloaded and used on the Amazon Kindle Fire in conjunction with the Anywhere Commerce Walker 1.0 EMV card reader.

Mobile payments are gaining traction. Now, 52 percent of consumers are reporting that they are “extremely aware” of mobile payments according to a report by Accenture. This is up 9 percent from last year!  While currently only 19 percent of U.S.
Apriva partners with several prominent companies in the payments industry. Recently we received this great testimonial from American Payment Systems on our ongoing partnership and mobile payments solutions. 
Higher education institutions are making leaps and bounds with adopting mobile solutions for a wide variety of purposes. For example, University Business just recently published a feature on the ways that a number of universities are incorporating mobile for retail transactions, parking, tuition payments and more. It makes perfect sense – today, students might not always have their wallets on hand, but they’re almost guaranteed to have their smartphones.
As the Senior Director of Mobile Product Management at Apriva, I am often invited to speak at conferences throughout North America about the latest trends in mobile payment technology. While every conference has its merits, few attract as diverse and influential a list of players in the payment industry as Mobile Payment Conference (MPC) 2015.


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