Wood oven pizza is a crowd favorite in Yuba City, California, at the Rolling Stone Pizza Company. The authentic Italian pizza company offers dine in, take out, take and bake, and a full-service catering option for customers. But, after almost a decade in business, Rolling Stone Pizza Company started losing business to national chains with proprietary mobile ordering apps. As a small business lacking resources to develop their own app, the restaurant was worried about how they could keep their business competitive.

Corn Xpress is an agricultural vending machine open 24/7 to the public that accepts cash, credit and debit cards. Founded by a trio of Mississippi medical professionals with a passion for the outdoors, Corn Xpress allows grain producers to sell their products directly to customers—instead of selling their corn and other grain to an elevator.

Omnichannel has become an industry buzzword to describe a seamless customer experience over multiple channels. 75% to 80% of consumers buy across mediums—meaning they might try out products in-store, research online, engage a self-service kiosk, purchase on their mobile device, etc. In response, merchants are continually expanding their consumer strategy to include multiple purchasing channels (omnichannel) and integrate different methods of shopping into a seamless experience.

Payments are evolving more rapidly today than ever before.  Real-time payments, growth in e-commerce, and a transition towards cloud banking are driving the market in new and exciting directions. 

The focus on EMV in the payments industry over the past few years has allowed new disruptive technologies to grow.  When the payment industry product innovation stalled in an effort upgrade systems to accept chip card support standards, mobile and P2P technologies emerged to fill the gap.  


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