Omnichannel has become an industry buzzword to describe a seamless customer experience over multiple channels. 75% to 80% of consumers buy across mediums—meaning they might try out products in-store, research online, engage a self-service kiosk, purchase on their mobile device, etc. In response, merchants are continually expanding their consumer strategy to include multiple purchasing channels (omnichannel) and integrate different methods of shopping into a seamless experience.

Payments are evolving more rapidly today than ever before.  Real-time payments, growth in e-commerce, and a transition towards cloud banking are driving the market in new and exciting directions. 

The focus on EMV in the payments industry over the past few years has allowed new disruptive technologies to grow.  When the payment industry product innovation stalled in an effort upgrade systems to accept chip card support standards, mobile and P2P technologies emerged to fill the gap.  

As the Apriva team returns from ETA TRANSACT in Las Vegas, we are inspired by the growth in the payments industry over the past 25 years.  TRANSACT 17 was ETA’s largest conference to date, with over 4,000 industry leaders joined by journalists, entrepreneurs and venture investors, all gathered to explore the future of payments.  In addition to the educational opportunities, we noticed a few payment trends worth mentioning . . .

Apriva offers several application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and other technology shops to integrate payments into their existing customer portals.  Beyond payment transaction information, these program interfaces deliver automation and integration for on-boarding, reporting, and reconciliation—saving time, lowering costs, and reducing the risk of data errors.  Utilizing a payment gateway such as Apriva, along with our diverse API options, can help integrators deliver a holistic and secure payment solution with their software

Apriva is pleased to exhibit at ETA TRANSACT 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89119.  


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