Retail sales may have seen the future, according to an article by Ed McKinley in the January/February 2017 issue of Transaction Trends magazine (pages 14-17).

The article details the Amazon Go shopping experience, where you fill up your cart and walk right out the door—no checkout line needed. Purchases are scanned as you add them to your cart, and you are charged as you walk out the door.

In a recent PaymentsSource article, Kate Fitzgerald notes, “Unattended payment terminals have been among the last to see action in the U.S. migration to EMV, partly because their average low ticket values aren’t a big magnet for card fraud and operators are reluctant to plow money into new hardware in a low-margin business.”

As we get ready for 2017, our team is looking ahead to see what we can expect for the new year. This year was one that focused heavily on EMV and upgrading technology – but what will next year have in store? We talked to our team to get their top predictions on what we can expect for the coming year.

We’re putting the spotlight on EMV this week in part two of our “Payment Security Spotlight” blog series.  As we make our way past the one-year mark of the EMV liability shift in the U.S., we’re seeing a lot of discussion on how far we’ve come since last October, and how far we still have to go.  While many complain that EMV transactions are too slow, this won’t always be the case, and the security benefits are well worth it.

This fall, the United States hit the one-year mark on EMV and the question the industry is hearing from many people is, “Why is this taking so long?”


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