Freedom to Choose

With the largest support network in the industry, Apriva's POS solutions give companies of all sizes the freedom to choose the devices and processors that work best for their business.

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Secure Mobile Communications With Apriva ISS

Tested by the US Intelligence Community and certified by the DoD, Apriva's Information Security Systems empower government and security-conscious customers to communicate with confidence.

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It All Started With Kool-Aid

In 2003, a glass of Kool-Aid and a BlackBerry device collided, leading to Apriva's founders to look at mobile devices in a whole new way and changing the possibilities for mobile commerce forever.

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Point of Sale Solutions

Apriva provides unmatched flexibility for wireless payment processing so merchants can accept payment anytime, anywhere.

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Information Security Systems

Apriva ISS offers government agencies and businesses the best secure infrastructure, messaging, and authentication around.

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With our Integration Services, developers can securely and quickly connect their POS solutions to 35+ payment processors.

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